breakfast (available to 11am)

Our great value breakfast are available all day & served with two slices of toasted Turkish bread or with a multigrain, brown or white toast. Eggs served poached, fried or scrambled.
Gluten free bread available

Bribie Big Breakfast
Bribie’s best value big breakfast- Eggs your way, steak, bacon, sausage, hash brown, grilled tomato & onion

Two store made waffles lightly toasted served with compote, vanilla ice cream & maple syrup.

Ask your friendly staff what flavour we are serving today!

Or grab a 1/2 serve for $8.00

Bacon & Eggs Wrap
Great value bacon & eggs in a wrap with BBQ sauce

Bacon & Eggs
Two rashers of bacon, eggs your way, hash brown & grilled tomato

Classic Eggs Benedict
Two poached eggs with a toasted Turkish bread served with your choice of toppings:
* Ham $16.00
* Feta, spinach & mushroom with a sweet balsamic glaze & dukkah. (contains nuts) $18.00
* Two bacon rasher $16.00
* Smoked Salmon & wilted Spinach with a sweet balsamic glaze & dukkah. (contains nuts)

Bacon & Egg Roll
(Gluten free roll available)
Two rashers of bacon & fried egg in a toasted roll with BBQ sauce


Raisin toast (GF available)
Thick Raisin toast- 2 slices $6.00
Thick Raisin toast- 1 slice $3.00
Thin Raisin toast- 2 slices $4.00

Thin Raisin toast- 1 slice $2.00

Vegetarian Breakfast
Eggs your way, grilled mushrooms, two corn fritters, grilled halloumi, grilled tomato with wilted spinach & feta

1/2 Served Eggs Benedict
One poached eggs with a toasted Turkish bread served with your choice of toppings:
* Ham
* Feta, spinach & mushroom with a sweet balsamic glaze & dukkah. (contains nuts)
* One bacon rasher
* Smoked Salmon & filtered Spinach 
with a sweet balsamic glaze & dukkah. (contains nuts)

Bacon & Egg Muffin
Great value bacon & egg on a toasted muffin with BBQ sauce

Turkish bread- 2 slices $4.00
                        – 1 slice $2.00

Multigrain, white or brown bread
– 2 slices $4.00
– 1 slice $2.00

Gluten free +$1.00

1/4 avocado $2.00
Two slices of halloumi $4.00
1 slice of ham $3.00

1 egg (poached, friend or scrambled) $2.00
1 rasher of bacon $3.00
1/2 tomato $2.50
Mushrooms (70g) $3.00
Feta (45g) $2.50
Smoked salmon (80g) $6.00
1 pork sausage $3.50
Steak (130g) $8.00
Spinach (60g) $2.50
1 hash brown $2.50
Side of baked beans or spaghetti (220g) $3.00

Burgers, Schnitzel & Salads (Available from 11am)

Gluten Free Bread (+$1) or Roll available (+$2)
Salad- Lettuce, tomato, carrot and beetroot.

Jetty Works Burger
Juicy beef patty, egg, bacon, grilled pineapple, onion, cheese, BBQ sauce & salad
Or make it a Steak works burger! $20.00

Fish Burger
Freshly crumbed cod, salad & tartare sauce.

Garden salad
Mixed leaves, carrot, beetroot, red onion, tomato, cheese & cucumber

Beef patty, onion, tomato sauce & salad
Or make it a Steak burger! $16.50

Chicken Schnitzel Burger
Giant chicken breast schnitzel, salad & mayonnaise.

Steak Sandwich
Steak, salad & BBQ sauce served on toasted turkish bread.

Greek Salad
Lettuce, Tomato, red onion, cucumber, olives, feta cheese & capers.

Cheese Burger
Beef patty with cheese & tomato sauce

Vege Burger
A vegetable patty, salad & garlic aioli

Bacon Burger
Two slices of bacon, onion, salad & BBQ sauce.

Chicken Schnitzel & Chips
with a side salad $14.00

Marinated Calamari Salad
Marinated & crumbed calamari on top of a greek salad with sweet chilli sauce.

Sandwiches, Rolls, Wraps & Snacks

Gluten Free Bread (+$1) or Roll available (+$2)
Sandwiches available in white, multigrain, wholemeal or Turkish bread (+$1.50)
Salad- Lettuce, tomato, cheese, cucumber, carrot, beetroot and red onion, add salad for $2.50 to anything
Toasting available

On a wrap +$1.50

Plain Cheese $3.00

(not toasted) $8.00


Ham $6.00

On a roll +$2.00

Salad $6.00

Egg & Lettuce Sandwich $6.00


Add avocado +$2.50

Add salad +$3.00

Add fried egg +$2.00

Add pineapple +$1.50

Add spinach +$2.50

Add mushrooms +$3.00

Add single salad items for an extra $1.00

Tomato, BBQ, Mayo, Garlic Aioli, Hollandaise, Chipotle, Tomato chutney, Tartare or sweet chilli.

Ask our staff how much per tub

Mini Dim Sims (each) $2.50
Potato Scallop $3.00
Pluto Pup $4.50
Chicko Roll or Spring Roll $4
Chicken nuggets (6 per serving) $5.00

Seafood, Seafood meals, kids meals & chips

Chips with Chicken, Plain & Season salt
Side $3.00
Small $5.00
Medium $6.00
Large $10

Hot Chips with cheese
Small serving of cheese +$3.00
Large serving of cheese +$5.00

Small $3.50
Large $

Seafood Great Value Meals
Whiting, Chips & side salad
3 pieces of crumbed whiting, chips, tartare sauce & a side salad

Barra, Chips & Side salad
A piece of freshly crumbed Barra with chips & a side salad

Cod, Chips & Side salad
A piece of freshly crumbed cod with chips & a side salad

Fresh Fish
Cod & Barra available crumbed, battered or grilled. Whiting crumbed only

Cod $9.00
Barramundi $10.
Crumbed only whiting (1 piece) $3.00
Calamari (6 rings) $5.00
Seafood sticks $3.00
Prawn Cutlets $3.00

Fishermans Basket
A meal size banquet with 3 pieces of battered flathead, 3 rings of calamari, 3 prawn cutlets, a seafood stick, chips, lemon wedges, tartare sauce served with a side salad & a slice of bread

Kids Meals
Choice of 5 meals- each with a fruit box

*Fish & chips
* Calamari & chips
* Nuggets & chips
* Hot dog (not with chips- $6.00)
* Kids mini pluto pup & chips

Drinks, Something Sweet & Specials

Alternative Milks Available: Soy, Lactose free, Almond & Oat +.50c


Small $5.00
Large $5

Thickshake– smalls $6.00. Large $8.00
Malt +.50c

Shakes are made from soft serve only
Chocolate, Coffee, Caramel, Strawberry, Banana, Mango, Vanilla, Lime, Blue heaven, Honeycomb, Cookies & cream

Cold drinks

Iced Choc/ Strawberry/ Coffee $7.50
Served with vanilla ice cream & cream.

Iced Coffee/ Iced Mocca/ Iced long black $6.00
Served over ice.

Iced Teas $6.00
Mandarine/ Lychee/ Tropical/ Mango/ Passionfruit/ Peach/ Raspberry/ Rose/ Watermelon/ Lime/ Pineapple (black or green)

Smoothies $7.50
Big 5/ Avo go go/ Blueberry thrill/ Coco loco/ Acai & banana/ Pash ‘n’ shoot


Small $5.00
Mug/Medium $5.50
Large takeaway $

Syrups available- Vanilla, Caramel & Hazelnut +.50c

Our range of tea: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, peppermint, Green, Chamomile or Bushells

Coffee Specials
Honeycomb hot Chocolate
(med size only)

Scones $4.00
Plain, Fruit, Fig & Ginger, Date or Ginger with whipped Cream, butter or Jam

Please see our amazing cake cabinet for a range of delicious items from cookies to slices, cakes to muffins

Devonshire tea $11.00
Two scones of your choice served with a tea/cup of coffee. Served with Cream, Jam & Butter

Please let us know of any dietary requirements as not all ingredients may be listed.

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